Year in Review 2019

We had a fantastic 2019 with some great achievements and successes. Now, we celebrate the year passed, and look forward to an amazing 2020 ahead.

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Looking Back: Children’s Services

Communities@Work Children Services Year in Review 2018-19

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Communities@Work Social Programs Year in Review 2019

Looking back: Centre of Professional Learning & Education

Communities@Work Centre of Professional Learning and Education RTO Year in Review 2019

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Communities@Work Community Development Year in Review 2019

Communities@Work: Year in review 2019

Looking forward

Our social impact in the community is felt far and wide through the diverse range of programs and services we offer. Guided by our new three-year strategic plan, we have launched several exciting projects for 2020, including

  • Social Impact: working with the Centre for Social Impact, we have embarked on a project to measure our social impact to better understand how our programs and services impact lives and to better meet client and community needs now and into the future.
  • Engage Canberra: our “Ideascale” innovation platform has been developed to share and grow ideas to improve our current services and build new ones. We encourage you to share your ideas on the idea-sharing community.

Check out our annual report or find out more about each of our services

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